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Terms & Conditions

Conditions or Terms of Hire/Charter

Hire/Charter for the vessel "Ardent".

    The following sets out the terms and conditions under which the vessel
    "Ardent" may be chartered. This document forms an agreement between "Ardent" (the owner) and the club or individual hiring the vessel (the clients).

    The owner will make available the vessel
    "Ardent", licensed, insured and carrying regulation safety equipment, as set out in the MCA Code of Practice for small commercial vessels. The vessel will also carry a licensed skipper & and a crew when appropriate.

    If accommodation is required it must be reserved directly by the clients with a Guesthouse or Hotel of their own choice and as such
    "Ardent" is not involved in reservations of any kind.

    Payment by cash will be taken onboard at the start of the trip before departure. Please ensure you have the correct change. 
    Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept cheques or credit cards!


    Our license restricts us to a maximum of 12 passengers plus two crew. These limits will not be exceeded under any circumstances. If you find that your party is depleted, let us know in good time & we will try to help you make up the numbers.


    Our single biggest problem.
    For single day charters, please call us on the evening prior to the trip to check conditions.

    We acquire weather information from a number of sources; shipping forecast, inshore forecast, internet buoy data, TV etc., and use it in deciding whether or not to sail. Intelligent interpretation of the best data available does not guarantee a correct decision; the owner cannot be held responsible if the clients have a wasted journey.

  • If the owner cancels the charter due to adverse weather conditions, problems with the boat, illness or indisposition on the owner's part or skipper's part, no fee is payable.
  • If deteriorating weather conditions force an early return to port, only that portion of the trip spent at sea is chargeable, with any part of an hour counting as 1 hour. It is the discretion of the skipper if no charge is levied.
  • A decision to return early to port is the skipper's & his alone. A return at the insistence of the anglers qualifies as a complete trip & the full fee is payable.
  • Please remember we are operating a business and this is our livelihood.






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